Q: Is tungsten the hardest metal? 
    A: No. Although tungsten carbide is quite hard, it's not the hardest metal on earth. Tungsten falls between 8.5 and 9 on the Moh's hardness scale, falling behind diamonds, which have a hardness level of 10. Although, tungsten carbide is nearly twice the stiffness and density of steel.

    Q: What are some of the uses of tungsten? 
    A: One of the most popular uses for tungsten carbide is the manufacturing of tools because of its durability. 
    Tungsten carbides are widely applied in automotive industry, oil and gas, aerospace Industry, chemical Industry, metal cutting, Pharmaceutic Industry, woodworking, stoneworking... 
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    Q: Does the size of the carbide grains matter? 
    A: Yes, grain size is very important when determining the mechanical properties of the final tungsten carbide product. The size of the grain usually depends on the size of the actual oxide particles within the tungsten, but the temperature and duration, when the oxide/carbon mixture is taking place, is just as important.

    Q: How much heat can tungsten withstand? 
    A: Although tungsten is not the strongest metal on the planet, it does have the highest melting temperature of any metal at over 6000 degrees Fahrenheit.