About us

    tungsten carbides

    Gungnir Industry Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of cemented tungsten carbide products used for a wide variety of industries and applications:

    Oil and gas

    Mining and drilling

    Civil engineering & construction


    Paper and rubber


    Metalworking and CNC




    Our products include tungsten carbide inserts, buttons, gage blocks and drag bit profiles, carbide mining tools, tungsten carbide blades & knives, carbide cutting tools, cemented carbide indexable inserts (milling, turning, threading, grooving, parting), mill rolls, pick holders, round attack picks, powder, snow plow inserts, shims, brazed tips, saw tips, carbide plates, strips, wear parts, tyre pins, carbide board bars, punching cutters, and other customized parts.


    Gungnir Industry supplies a full range of sintered carbide grades and grain sizes in both cobalt and nickel binders, can manufacture small and large scale cemented carbide products as per your drawing.


    Carbide products can be supplied by Gungnir Industry Ltd in either the as-sintered or precision ground form to best suit your specific or individual applications.


    As a customer focused, innovative and value driven company, Gungnir Industry Ltd has a good reputation in the field of cemented carbide products, earn the trustness of our valuable customers.