Carbide plate knife for chemical fiber cutting
    Carbide plate blade for chemical fiber cutter blade, high hardness and wear resistance

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    How you can benefit form Gungnir chemical fiber blades

    1. Controlled length of fiber and no unravelling

    2. Longer machine up-times thanks to fewer blade changes

    3. Higher productivity

    4. Adaptation of the blade to match your specific process requirments

    Gungnir Blades - The preferred choice for cutting fiber 

    Cutting fibreglass requires blades that are of high quality and efficiency.

    This applies to chopping strands, rovings and composite materials as well.

    Benefits of Gungnir fiber blades:

    1. Outstanding, consistent quality for uniform cut lenghts

    2.Avoid rust and contamination from fiber

    3.Adaptation of the blades to match your process requirements (e.g.wet or dry cutting, different kinds of fiber)

    From OEM to custom made acceptable

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