Product Catalogues

    metal cutting, PCB board, wood cutting, stoneworking, film, paper, facbric, rubber, lithium battery, corrugating board
    Gungnir Industry supplies tungsten carbide inserts, buttons, gage blocks and drag bit profiles, which are hard at work every day in drill bits around the world probing the earths crust for oil, natural gas, geothermal energy, in seismic drilling, in mining exploration and production and drilling water wells.
    for manufacturer end mill,milling cutter,reamer,alloy bit,PCB bit and water jet.
    used on sandblasting machines as spare part which is supplied together with the system, on shot peeners and on water-jet and coating systems.
    used industrial tooling, concrete manufacturing, general metal forming, industrial wear, oil and gas components, synthetic diamond manufacturing, and steel processing.
    No.1 factory of customized or non standard tungsten carbide products in China: Cobalt based, Nickel based: nozzle, special shaped mould die, non standard carbide bushing, customized dies
    No.1 factory of cermet in China: cermet inserts, cerment rods, cerment saw teeth